Power drill

3/8" bit

1/8" bit

Sharp knife to cut and flute dowels

Plyers or wrenches to tighten the 3/8" bolts and nuts.


'Black non-reflective tape'

2x 6 ft. plank of wood

Six 3/8" threaded bolts with washers and nuts to attach the six camera swivel mounts to a solid base

For Antler construction:

o (2x) 1/8 in. wood dowel

o (7x) 1/2 in. wood cubes

o (1x) Thick 1/2 in. double-sided poster tape

o (1x) Wood glue

o (1x) Wood/plastic superglue

Also whatever mounting hardware or configuration necessary to suspend the 2x 6' planks above the screens near the ceiling.